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Darren Ankney


Darren Ankney Vice President of Product Development for First Network Group Darren’s interest in computers started at the tender age of six years old with a home-built Texas Instruments kit computer and it has grown by leaps and bounds since. Continuing his education beyond High School, Darren attended Ohio Northern University with a degree in Economics and Management.


Shortly thereafter he came to work with us at First Network Group, Inc in July 1996 and was hired on as a general End-User Support Technician. His skills with UNIX and Linux-based systems translated into a broader engagement of responsibilities here. His interest in programming led him to write one of our first proprietary ticketing software and knowledge base systems.


During his time supervising the entire Technical Support department, his programming skills and interest expanded and broadened out from PERL and HTML into PHP, more advanced HTML and JavaScript. As his skills grew so did his output and soon he was devising and implementing stand alone web based applications for the internal operations of First Network Group.


His skills then allowed him to shift focus from over-seeing our Technical Support department to his own Product Development department where in the genesis of our products such as the DHCPatriot and Broadsword got their start.


From those small beginnings and the first sale of the DHCPatriot in 2001 the product has seen many changes and a multitude of sales and widespread industry acceptance as one of the leading DHCP web-based, captive portal authentication and accounting systems. It now runs on its own specifically compiled and hardened version of the Linux operating system. Still not satisfied Darren began a full code re-write and re-compile of the Linux sources and utilities and the DHCPatriot software itself culminating in Version 5 which was released in July 2011.


Darren’s vision for the company is for it to continue its steady growth and expansion thru our valuable services currently offered along with our outstanding products, such as the DHCPatriot.