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Stephen Walter


Steve Walter CEO of First Network Group Industry leader, Stephen C. Walter (Steve) is President of First Network Group Inc. He founded the company, in July 1993, based on the idea that communication access across the burgeoning internet should be available to everyone. His initial focus was providing development and support for rural telephone companies looking to expand into this new technology.


Starting out working on Sun UltraSPARC systems and the Cisco 2500 series routers, Steve set out to make sure that budgets were kept in line while providing service far and wide. Much of his initial work and the work of First Network Group at that time was building the foundation of the Bright.net (Ohio) network and making sure all aspects of their support system were provided for.


Starting out in such a young industry at the very cusp of its evolution he was most surprised and delighted at the advent of the World Wide Web. Prior to the web, information was exchanged in simple text form with limited options. Steve saw the potential of the web and of the internet in general and pushed to make First Network Group succeed and our customers successful by expanding into these new areas and markets across the country.


While seemingly daunting to most, Steve knew the secret to success in the wild-west-like structure of the internet at that time. He made sure to surround himself with a solid staff of professionals, like-minded individuals who were not afraid of the unknown or to say "I don't know." Ones who also had the courage to figure out that unknown and parlay it into the next challenge. The longevity of the Senior Staff of First Network Group is his biggest source of pride. He knows the team is greater than the individual, and the FNGi team proves again and again to be able to get the job done. Steve holds a BA in History, having graduated summa cum laude from The Ohio State University.


Steve's early vision of the power of the communication thru the medium of the internet has now been made real and reaches far and wide. The evolution of the internet -- starting with basic bits becoming local bulletin boards and chat rooms across copper lines leading to the latest in entertainment delivery and dynamic content via fiber-optics and wireless technologies -- must still be maintained and allowed to grow and evolve. That expansion is where Steve sees the future of First Network Group -- always supporting the latest technologies, adapting to the newest challenges and still finding solutions to those large and small unsolved mysteries, eventually connecting us all.