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  • DHCPatriot the intelligent DHCP solution from First Network Group
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Server Administration

We can help maintain and optimize your current setup or build new solutions from the ground up. From your first server to your 50th, find out how we can help.

Network Services

Creating a secure, reliable, scalable and efficient network is our number one goal. We have over 15 years of experience creating and supporting networks large and small.

First Network Group Inc.(FNGi) is a specialist in building and maintaining Internet Service Provider Networks. Based in Ohio, we provide Server Administration, Network Engineering, and 24x7 emergency monitoring to reduce ISP/NSP downtime. We develop and sell the DHCPatriot™ a DHCP accounting and authentication server appliance.


Some of our customers have relied on our expertise for over 29 years and every day new customers are experiencing the way we can make their lives easier. We are able to deliver true end-to-end solutions in a wide variety of scenarios.


We pride ourselves in finding efficient and smart solutions. Setting up and maintaining your Internet Service offering doesn't need to be difficult. We have you covered from step one.