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First Network Group Inc. (FNGi) is extremely proud to belong and partner with the following organizations.



ARIN American Registry for Internet NumbersAmerican Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is a non-profit organization established in December 1997. ARIN is a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA.

ARIN provides services related to the technical coordination and management of Internet number resources in its respective service region. The ARIN service region includes Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands, and the United States.



The Illinois Telecommunications Association (ITA) Illinois Telecommunications Association has a mission to create a forum for its members to identify and to examine issues of importance; to foster collaboration among its members; and to present on behalf of the telecommunications industry a unified position on matters of importance before the regulatory and legislative bodies of Illinois.



The Iowa Telecommunications Association (ITA)The Iowa Communications Alliance (ITA) represents more than 130 community-based telecommunications providers who offer broadband, telephone and digital television service to rural Iowans. They strive to see that all Iowans should have access to affordable and robust broadband.



The Minnesota Telecom AllianceThe Minnesota Telecom Alliance is a trade association that advocates and represents the interests of nearly 100 small, medium and large companies that provide advanced telecommunications services like voice, data, wireless video, and high-speed Internet access to Minnesota’s metropolitan and rural communities. In 2008, the MTA merged with the Minnesota Association of Rural Telecommunications (MART) to become the premiere telecom organization in the state.



The North American Network Operators' GroupThe North American Network Operators' Group! Collaborating to make the Internet better, through the coordination and dissemination of technical information related to backbone and enterprise networking tech and operational practices.

NANOG meetings are held three times each year, and include presentations, tutorials, and BOFs. The meetings are informal, and membership is open. Conference participants typically include senior engineering staff from tier 1 and tier 2 ISPs. Participating researchers present short summaries of their work for operator feedback.




The North Dakota Association of Telecommunication CooperativesThe North Dakota Association of Telecommunication Cooperatives

The North Dakota independent telephone industry is working tirelessly to ensure that our residents have access to the information-technologies that allow them to compete with anyone in the world and a telecommunications network that is second-to-none.

The men and women working in rural North Dakota's telephone industry represent one of the brightest stars in the state's economy. Rural telephone companies employ over 850 people and provide some of the highest paying jobs, while pumping over $30 million in wages alone into these rural communities each year.



The Ohio Telecom Association (OTA)The Ohio Telecom Association (OTA) is a statewide trade association that promotes the common interests of telecommunications companies serving and employing Ohioans. The OTA currently represents 41 telecommunications providers, 2 wireless providers and over 100 associate member companies that supply goods and services to the telecommunications industry. In total, the OTA member companies employ more than 16,000 Ohioans.

OTA member companies are a critical component of Ohio's economy. From 2001 to 2003, Ohio's local telephone companies invested more than $2.5 billion in Ohio's telecommunications infrastructure and Ohio businesses.



The Wapakoneta Area Chamber of CommerceThe Wapakoneta Area Chamber of Commerce in Wapakoneta, Ohio is the voice of area business. Through partnerships with local governments, organizations and agencies, the chamber promotes and supports Wapakoneta’s prosperous economy for the benefit of the entire community.



Wisconsin Locally Owned Telephone Association (WLOTA)Wisconsin Locally Owned Telephone Association (WLOTA)






Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA) Since 1910, the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA) has served as a unified voice for its members in matters of interest to legislators, regulators, and the public. Interacting within its nationwide network of telecommunications experts, the Association serves as a clearinghouse for pertinent and accurate information for its members. Our Association represents more than 70 Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, Internet Service Providers, and Wireless Carriers.

To stay on top of local, national, and global communications issues that constantly erupt, each company has elected to participate as a member of the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association.



Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association The Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association was created to join the Wisconsin Telephone Cooperatives in an effort to preserve the Cooperatives, work together on behalf of members to share, and provide special representation towards the needs of cooperatives in the telephone industry.