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White Papers


Product Information [PDF]

  • This white paper details the full features of the DHCPatriot™ and how it can benefit service provider networks. It also discusses optional features and interoperability.


CALEA Compliance Information [PDF]

  • This white paper explains how the DHCPatriot™ can help an ISP maintain CALEA compliance with the DHCPatriot™.


Hardware Specifications [PDF]

  • A look at the hardware of the system and every spec that makes up the DHCPatriot™.


Virtualization Specifications [PDF]

  • Learn how to utilize the DHCPatriot™ in virtualized environments.


VMWare Specifications & Requirements[PDF]

  • Use the power of the DHCPatriot™ in a VMWare environment!


No Authentication User Tracking [PDF]

  • Learn how the DHCPatriot™ can use the DHCP Relay Agent and Option 82 marked packets to allow for full user tracking without the need for users to log in.


RFC 1918 and Consumer Routers [PDF]