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White Papers


Product Information [PDF]

  • This white paper details the full features of the DHCPatriot and how it can benefit service provider networks. It also discusses optional features and interoperability.


CALEA Compliance Information [PDF]

  • This white paper explains how the DHCPatriot™ can help an ISP maintain CALEA compliance with the DHCPatriot.


Hardware Specifications [PDF]

  • A look at the hardware of the system and every spec that makes up the DHCPatriot.


Virtualization Specifications [PDF]

  • Learn how to utilize the DHCPatriot in virtualized environments.


VMWare Specifications & Requirements[PDF]

  • Use the power of the DHCPatriot in a VMWare environment!


No Authentication User Tracking [PDF]

  • Learn how the DHCPatriot can use the DHCP Relay Agent and Option 82 marked packets to allow for full user tracking without the need for users to log in.


RFC 1918 and Consumer Routers [PDF]