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What can we do for you?


We help make the most of your network equipment and servers. From the design of a new network and server setup, to the configuration and maintenance of your existing equipment, our goal is to provide the necessary tools to keep your equipment running at peak performance.


We know networks.


Our expert network technicians can help you with the setup of your first full-scale network infrastructure or help expand your current setup.


We can help provide secure and redundant solutions from backbone connectivity to interior check-ups to help you maximize the most of the equipment you have with security and efficiency evaluations. And with more than 29 years experience, we know how best to squeeze every last ounce of ability out of your gear as well as the best gear to upgrade to for future security, stability and scaling needs.


Servers are second nature to us.


server administration and rackspace at First Network Group, IncWith great power comes great ... ability! And we build some great servers. Enjoy your own hassle free server solution with our custom built servers for any sized-budget or task. Our Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RCHE) personnel can help construct a server that fits your needs and gives you the ability to deliver no matter what the task. As a NetApp™ Authorized Gold Partner we can provide you with many types of mass storage and backup solutions including centralized SAN and NAS storage. Or maybe you need a web-based authentication server such as our very own DHCPatriot.


We quote and build to suit your needs from the selection of the internal hardware, external connections, operating system selection, energy consumption, storage and scalability. We build based off of tradition architecture, modular or blade configurations. We also offer full power protection options for your equipment from industry-leader APC® including their InfraStrucXure® line of solutions.


And if you're still not ready to get your feet wet with your own in-house equipment we have co-location hosting and redundancy solutions available for you as well here at First Network Group.


FNGi Managed Server Platform


First Network Group, Inc. (FNGi) provides an all-inclusive, turn-key server virtualization platform. We will build a customized system comprising all necessary components from networking to shared storage to server hardware.


This system can be installed at your location and managed completely by FNGi for your convenience. Using our standard NetApp storage, Juniper switches, custom servers, and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, FNGi can provide a cost effective solution that does not require extensive local IT staff. The system can host virtual servers that are managed by FNGi, as well as virtual servers for internal needs that are administered by local IT staff if desired.