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Keeping an eye on things.


We provide a 24x7 network monitoring staff that makes sure your devices are up and working at optimal efficiency. The human monitoring component provides for more informed decision making when dealing with unpredictable issues, greatly reducing erroneous alerts.


How valuable is your up-time?


Responses can be tailored to fit your needs. If a device is inaccessible we can follow a multitude of notification scenarios based on the time it happens, on what day, its priority, etc.


During your normal hours, you might just like an email or SMS message sent with the alert so you can examine the situation more closely. During afterhours you might want us to perform several diagnostic steps first and only then contact the on-call personnel if it's a certain priority. We tailor the notification scenarios to your needs so you can make sure your downtime is minimized. It doesn't take long for one flakey device to create an issue for a dozen or so end-users until word spreads about your service to start eating into your income. Stay on top of things day and night with our help.network monitoring and alarm at First Network Group, Inc


Historical data and graphs.


Part of our monitoring and real-time 24 hour response is our graphing capabilities. This allows us to monitor trends in virtually any data set. These graphs are also accessible by you to help you make the most informed decisions about your devices.


Some examples of monitored scenarios:

  • Network Utilization
  • CPU load
  • Memory levels
  • Disk capacity
  • Directory specific capacity
  • Chassis temperature
  • CPU temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • TCP Connections/timeframe
  • DNS Requests/timeframe
  • PING Response statistics
  • ... and much more.